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More wandering thoughts

I never want to "fit" into somebody's plan for life. I don't want to have a plan, that's probably why. I wish that it were easier to understand other people's desires, but maybe I'm trying to hard there. Half the time, they're probably not even sure why they're doing what they're doing. I found myself in a bar last night just because I really had nothing better to do, or so I thought. There's got to be better things to do than going to a bar on a Wednesday night.

Maybe I should join a book club or something like that. I want to sit around and discuss things more than I get to. Nobody seems to want to talk about what they're going through in their lives. I guess I don't really know how to go about starting good conversation. I think I need to work on the way I come across to people. I have my principles, and I've thought about how they apply to my life quite a bit, but perhaps I come across as set in my ways, when there are few things that I have complete certainty about.

Maybe I pick topics that bore others. That's the trouble with being into philosophy, the whole "why, why, why" mantra gets stuck in your head. But that may just be me. It's hard to grasp how much differently other people must see the world. I want to get better at that. I want to be able to see life through other people's eyes, to understand their wants and needs. I really enjoy helping other people and I think I need to do that more often.

I hope I can inspire compassion in others. I really want to. I wish there was a way to encourage compassionate business relationships. Profit shouldn't be the only motive of a business. It needs to have a conscience, but you can't force that on them. However, I have heard that, by law, corporations have to seek to maximize their profits. I've never seen that law, but that would be a huge source of evil in the world.

The biggest monster we face is not money itself, but the love of money. And when money isn't freely chosen by a people, then they cannot truly trade with each other freely, and are enslaved by the masters if their money supply, who in turn, just love having more than the next person.

Here's to using money to love other people instead of using people for the love of money.


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