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psalm of sorrow

As I walk through this valley Facing the shades of death It's not evil I fear But loss The rod of your discipline The staff of your direction Comfort me through struggle All of my days The forced march of time Quickens its pace My heart races At an end in sight But I don't know Where the path will lead How much it will wind Before that dreaded arrival I find myself in terror Yet awed with gratitude Accepting the intensity of pain Seized by saccharine sorrow I trust God has a plan But not that I will like it I have faith We will find His peace I pray you will find rest You have suffered Bearing it for your family Enduring for love But I will also help you Fight tooth and nail I will hold on As long as you wish it I have accepted my limitations Saving you is beyond me But you don't need salvation So we will share time There will never be enough In a twisted grace Cancer is giving us more Memories to cherish forever I tire of seeing so much silver Lining every disappointment B

On Intellectual Property

I do not see how you can effectively own information since it can be shared infinitely without taking the information away from the initial possessor. My understanding of property is that it requires the ability to control the manner in which some thing is manipulated or used. For example, I can own gold, because there is a finite mass/amount of it available. It is scarce. When something is scarce I can account some sort of value to it. I typically put value upon goods for the properties they possess, as a result tools hold value. Now, when some thing that I possess holds value to others, I can trade it for things they possess that I value. All value is subjective as it requires perspective, but common utility for common purposes of finite things can increase their value as the laws of supply and demand come in to play. This is why money is valuable, because there's a finite amount of it, allowing it to work as a unit of account of accepted value in exchange for another finite thin

wu wei

If you don't have to say it Don't It won't silence you If you don't need to do it Don't It won't paralyze you If you don't need to see it Don't It won't blind you If you don't need to solve it Don't It won't trouble you If you don't need to have it Don't It won't rob you If you don't need to believe it Don't It won't damn you Sometimes less is more But Less is still something

unknown unknowns

Waiting this way when you have no idea when anything is going to happen, the anxiety of it is just a permanent stitch in the side, a discomfort in the back of the mind, a fear kindled by every stray thought. It is only fitting that the feeling of topping the mountain has been so immediately followed with an indefinite trial of mental difficulty. Inevitable maybe. But it's out of your control. You can't change what is inducing it. You can only be disciplined about how you respond to all of it. You have the strength to put it away until there is something to address. You have the wherewithall to endure in doubt, to walk in the darkness. Even when it feels like the odds are against you, you can still hold on to faith that all things are possible. It's okay to let yourself be down when you're down. Rest when you need it, or you'll never recover. Don't disregard your esteem because you're not omnipotent. You've never had to be perfect, but it's okay to wa

thoughts in knots

The said cannot become unsaid. What good is worrying without further discussion? It is not a bad thing to share your heart. Would you really want something if that wasn't appreciated? As you like to say, Wayne Gretzky Michael Scott. Why are you acting like you missed after you scored? Don't let past disappointment discolor the present. Who are you really thinking about as you bend out of shape? Going somewhere new often results in taking a few wrong turns. Where did you learn the path must be perfect to get where you want? You have to relax if you ever want to give yourself a rest. How will you you find peace if you won't let your heart be still? The future is coming but you live in the present. When are you going to let yourself be?

the point of it

Precision and accuracy need each other in order to be useful. Emotion and thoughts need each other to find meaning. It's okay to want what you want and not to get it. The point is to at least try hard enough that it's possible. Desire is a complicated thing, and it can be a wonderful guide to what you need, but it's important to distinguish between the two. Be honest and follow your heart, and the universe will show you things even better than your wildest dreams. You know this from experience. You don't control the tides of the world, so don't try. Instead be like the water, go with the flow. In doing so you'll stay out of your own way, allowing the others who want to bump into you to get through to you. If you try to push through to them, you can make waves that just push them farther away. If you're never scared, you're not challenging yourself enough. If you never feel hurt, you aren't trying things to make you stronger. Those feelings teach you