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Embrace the weird

I think I might be killing myself a little bit. Only in the sense that my body may expire faster living like I am. I'm glad I'm exercising again. It feels really good to be tired. I need more friends that share my weekends. Though, I must say, my friends are kind of awesome. It's good to know when people get you. Sometimes it's fun when they don't though. Just gotta keep it spicy I guess, just embrace that weird. I want a keyboard. I just want to play around with it. I just am really bad at actually doing things. I keep holding myself back from things. I need to have more confidence. I need to embrace not being sure what to do and going anyway. I really want to seize the whole self starter thing. I'll get there. I mean I'm wild and I'm young, I just need to remember to never lose my dinosaur. Seriously. I don't want to. JT is good at just switching his songs up. I need sleep so bad. Maybe I'm just real tired. Maybe that's why it feels like