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In response to the idea that the impoverished don't really have it bad...

And they should just accept it and be happy that those who have more don't try to squeeze them for more what they've got, right? Because that's what the "free-market" is about, right? Exploiting others for as cheaply as the distorted centralized currency allows us to? You ever notice how all countries compete to make their labor cheaper while their politicians "nobly fight" to make sure laborers get a "living wage"? Maybe citizens need to grow the courage to stop governments from forcing corrupted value systems (read: military-industrial complex, endless foreign wars, endless economic regulation, state regulated education) on their populaces. Perhaps if individuals were allowed to pick the currency they got paid in, the economic distribution would actually be a product of men's labor and contributions to his community. A truly merit based economy, rather than concentrating the wealth of well connected individuals who happen to come from p