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The Pursuit of Happiness.

We like to say the world is finally perfect. At least as is, to borrow the phrase, humanly possible. It all started when Lazarus Incorporated designed the first true nanomedicines. We could now record and correct our bodies at the molecular and genetic level. We conquering death and disease and balancing our hormones in the process. We had never felt so physically fit. With death conquered, those who owned Lazarus, Inc finally began to understand listlessness that comes with eternal life. Seeking purpose facing a projected endless existence, they decided to do what they could to prevent death from conquering the lives of others. The motives for this purpose were unique to each individual. Most of the shareholders just wanted to be rich, though there seemed to be a general spirit that to be able live with an eternal conscience, one had to help others who aspired for the same opportunity. As the information age evolved information technology, it necessarily evolved our political econo