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Why negative interest rates are a good idea.

Interest rates are never a trivial issue. First, let me state that I don't trust government. It's modern form is a system of power that's outlived its current Constitutional form's feudal birth. Historical "democracies", including our own, built their societies on authority asserted by violence in the form of land expropriation, tribute, slavery, and legal tender. Government provides violence to enforce injustice at the tip of the pen and the sword. The unjust assertion of absolute authority over any geographical area is how the concept of property, something that is "one's own", has been applied to the Earth. Why would I want to grant this system, of telling people what to do and who they have to pay, a money monopoly? It is a guarantee of the suppression of credit to the benefit of the usurious. I support a negative interest rate policy because credit is the just basis of value in a money, not the right to demand it in return as rent. The l