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A journey through my thoughts.

Let me paint a fun picture for you. There's this thing humans do called trade. We have found in greater and greater numbers throughout our history that we are capable of far greater things when we are able to divide our labor and work together, simply providing for the want/needs of the people we knew and cared about in return of having our wants/needs provided. It was mutual, and our labor became worth what we were able to provide. This is why tribes of human beings became the most efficient creatures at dominating regions for themselves. Sometimes throughout our history, groups of people have conspired together to rob, larger, productive groups of people. Sometimes this money was taken as a form of "protection" by a gang promising not to hurt you as long as you funded them. Sometimes that gang had better weapons than you and forced you to consent to pay what you "owed" them for the protection they provided you. This scheme is called a racket. It protects you

Considering our current social contract

Nothing I have ever read has more succinctly and appropriately interpreted the problems with our government than "No Treason" by Lysander Spooner. The three essays you'll find following this link ( )  were written immediately following the civil war. In the past 140 years, we have only proceeded farther into the despotism fed to us as the supposed fairest form of government, democracy. Unfortunately, pure democracy treats the the will of the majority as right rather than what is reasonable, moral, and just. When I look back at the history of these United States, I see the Civil War as the action by which the federal government transitioned from one whose authority came from the consent of the governed to one fueled and sustained by imperialistic ambition. I say this from the perspective of the States themselves, the vast majority of Americans, women and slaves for example, had always been governed without their consent. As citizens, we h