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Considering the state of affairs with the surveillance state and the infringements on the freedoms of ourselves and our fellow human beings all over the world, perhaps it is our responsibility to wage a war in the name of our freedoms, upon the powers that would infringe upon them. When we think about the people that we love, we must consider how we would want the rest of the world to treat them. We would not want them to be belligerent to them. We would not want them to force them to fit in. We would want them to respect their privacy. Why then, do we allow organizations to exist that encroach upon them? Think about the oppressed people around the world. Think about the oppressive governments they are forced to live under. Think about the people who cannot legally express themselves as they are, who cannot legally say, "It is not for you to judge this part of my life, I can tell you that I am doing nothing wrong to you, and you cannot argue with it. You cannot tell me it is wrong