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Considering the state of affairs with the surveillance state and the infringements on the freedoms of ourselves and our fellow human beings all over the world, perhaps it is our responsibility to wage a war in the name of our freedoms, upon the powers that would infringe upon them.

When we think about the people that we love, we must consider how we would want the rest of the world to treat them. We would not want them to be belligerent to them. We would not want them to force them to fit in. We would want them to respect their privacy.

Why then, do we allow organizations to exist that encroach upon them?

Think about the oppressed people around the world. Think about the oppressive governments they are forced to live under. Think about the people who cannot legally express themselves as they are, who cannot legally say, "It is not for you to judge this part of my life, I can tell you that I am doing nothing wrong to you, and you cannot argue with it. You cannot tell me it is wrong for me to love someone unconditionally and with consent and respect." Take it further, imagine a government that doesn't allow you to investigate theories that contradict the  their theories about the "way the world was made." And if you were to say that women deserved to be perfectly equal, allowed to pursue any lifestyle they wish, would laugh you out of their chambers. Think about a country that spend more money on their military than the entirety of the rest of the world. Why do we allow such oppressive regimes to continue?

We should no longer consent to their rule. We should no longer allow them to exist. We should take the "departments of government", corporations that oppress upon our fellow humans, and bankrupt them. We should take all of their power away because they have proven that they do not respect the rights that we have.

If a corporation's existence and security is based upon its ability to maintain secrecy in its actions that are responsible for the deaths of our fellow human beings, we should remove its sources of funding. If a corporation cannot provide us information proving that it is not oppressing others, we should boycott it and no longer support its function.

I believe that we are to defend ourselves from this oppression by means that do not necessitate the ending of human life. We should demand that those responsible for wrongful deaths be held accountable to the victims of those deaths.

As men and women that desire justice for all of those around us, we should take action to inform the public of these wrongings so that they may be held responsible for their transgressions. Do not expect the consent of those responsible. Justice cannot always get unanimous consent, but a quorum can always be found among interested, informed parties, particularly independent and non-aggressive ones. Let us begin a revolution of the mind, via the freedom of information.

If you have access to information incriminating those with authority above you, release it to the public. There are means to do so. You can do it entirely anonymously. Just release it. Put the burden of proof on those who are guilty to show that it is not true. We have a right to demand transparency from organizations. We should hold people accountable for their actions. That's called justice.

I ask that you do so with grace. Vengeance is not justice. Consult those who care about you about the proper action to take. I pray you can achieve this task of justice safely. A peaceful revolution is possible. Bloodshed can be avoided and we can improve ourselves as a species. We can learn to love our enemies. We will not allow them to permanently injure our loved ones, but remember that we will be responsible to posterity for our choice of action. We should not seek justice through a body count. We should seek it with reform. We should seek it without violence. We should seek it through open discussion. It is possible, when the truth is revealed, justice can soon follow. We must all seek justice and peace if we are ever to find them.

May we seek to always improve ourselves.


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