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A brief economic evolution of mankind.

The point of economic activity is to make our lives easier - to economize our time. It is nonsensical to consider its purpose to be anything other than to reduce the efforts for the actors involved. Unfortunately, many of us are Tom Sawyers at heart. It's the human condition to want to take the greatest advantage of everyone else in our society while having to do the least. Worse, we want to be told "good job" for our lack of effort. We want to be given our Lion's share - but this tendency to idleness allows some people to take theirs. We think of ourselves first - it's natural. I mean we were hunters and gatherers just like the other animals for much of our evolution. We developed bonds with our mates, kin, and tribe as we lived in the "Garden of Eden" of Africa. We pondered why we were here, but we lived in a land of plenty. We have always been social creatures and as we grew in number, so did our collective intelligence and the scarcity of resour