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effortless existence excels at execution

if you allow yourself to produce without judgment of the product the product forms without strain as the production itself releases it if you allow yourself to breathe without fighting for air the breath fills you without pain as the breath itself inspires you if you allow yourself to be without chasing after desires the desires arise organically as the desires will be if you allow yourself to think simply without overcomplicating matters the simplicity will navigate all complexities as the simplicity is the solution


What is it that I want? I think I know. Maybe it's just that simple, and that's what is so disappointing. It is what it is and, at least for now, it's out of reach. Coming to terms with that is all there is to do in the moment.  And the search for a substitute is just that. It's unfulfilling, not what I actually want, and also beyond my control. You can't make a fish bite. Perhaps if I wanted to try some different bait, but I really don't. The pond feels very empty, or more just like it's the wrong pond. I want to be able to sit with it - but it's so boring. I feel boring. In many ways, I am boring. Maybe what I'm struggling with is just sitting with me. Maybe sitting is just boring. Maybe I don't do enough that I actually find enriching. Maybe this job, the games I play, the things I read - maybe it's all just treading water and I'm not actually trying to get anywhere at all.  Do I need a destination? Can't the journey itself be enou

this moment

It's weird how life can strike you with the sudden sense of urgency when you realize you're going to miss an opportunity. I didn't really care about the eclipse. I was curious about it, it sounds neat, but I really don't know what I'm missing. What I missed before. But that's it. I don't want to miss it again if I don't have to. Who cares about a day of work or a day of preschool? Will I remember those days 20 years from now? I'm sure I won't. But I'm confident I'll remember it if I go. The next time one comes, 20 years from now, I'll be able to tell my kids about how I made the decision the night before, drove them for hours to watch something for 2 minutes, and the laughter and fun we had along the way.  We can make life an adventure, or we can just let the days blur into one another. We are given choices like this all the time. Sometimes the relaxation of the blur is nice. Other times, it's strikingly fear inducing that some ch