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Considering our current social contract

Nothing I have ever read has more succinctly and appropriately interpreted the problems with our government than "No Treason" by Lysander Spooner. The three essays you'll find following this link ( written immediately following the civil war. In the past 140 years, we have only proceeded farther into the despotism fed to us as the supposed fairest form of government, democracy. Unfortunately, pure democracy treats the the will of the majority as right rather than what is reasonable, moral, and just.

When I look back at the history of these United States, I see the Civil War as the action by which the federal government transitioned from one whose authority came from the consent of the governed to one fueled and sustained by imperialistic ambition. I say this from the perspective of the States themselves, the vast majority of Americans, women and slaves for example, had always been governed without their consent.

As citizens, we have become complacent and allowed ourselves to become the subjects of economic tyranny. Nothing exemplifies this more than the illogical and unfair tax code full of supposedly "legally binding" favors for the interests behind the politicians who are bold enough to propose bills to extort one set of people for the benefit of another. Crony Capitalism is a euphemism for the fascism that is forced upon us by our government and financed by the central banking system. 

As a free people, with the natural rights to free assembly and trade amongst ourselves peacefully and without any compulsion, should no longer burden ourselves with the legal chains with which the federal government now binds us. We should encourage our representatives at the state level to nullify the departments of government that we do not need. As the people of the United States, we should be bold enough to demand new terms and conditions of government that truly respect our natural rights.

We will not all agree as to what is fair, but we need to respect each other enough to not force our personal beliefs and principles onto our fellow citizens. If a man does not believe he should contribute to a cause we believe is good, it is not moral or ethical of us to extort him of his property for that purpose. It requires the effort of individuals to end social injustices, people willing to stand for their convictions and claim the liberties we all deserve. Allowing groups to use aggression and extortion against others to accomplish their desires, no matter how righteous their cause, is to accept the same doctrine of all dictators and tyrants: might makes right.

You are a subject to no one. This is your life, you are smart enough to take care of yourself, particularly with the help of those who care for you. Do not be afraid. If we seek peace, we will find it for ourselves.


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