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Do better.

When is civilization finally going to grow up and realize that the solutions to all of our problems start at the exact same level as the problems themselves: at the individual. When a wrong deed is done, there is an individual who does it, it's not "a system". That individual has a choice, and unfortunately, individuals like to convince themselves that they don't.

When as individuals will we stop choosing to support actions that promise us comfort and security at the cost of true justice. When will we be brave enough to accept responsibility for ourselves and for all of the injustices our actions bring upon the world. We need to realize that if any improvement is going to happen in this world, it's going to start within each and every one of us, with each and every one of our actions every single day. Stop pretending that this whole morality thing is so complicated. The rule is "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and not "as they do unto you." Someone else doing something wrong to you is a terrible excuse to do something wrong in return. You've all heard this before, two wrongs don't make a right, so stop acting like when you do wrong by someone, the other person is responsible for it for hurting you first. That's a bold faced lie, and an awful cop out. You have the choice to "turn the other cheek", you have the choice to respond to spite with kindness. No one is responsible for your actions but you.

What's more important, your feelings? Or your actions? You have the capacity to respond to hate with love, so stop telling yourself you don't. You are a conscious being with a will of your own. In every moment of your waking life, what you do will affect someone else, and the real question is, "Do you care about how your actions effect other people?" If not, I pity you, I pity your selfish attitude. Are you really so special to yourself that you just don't care when other people are hurt by your actions? If so, you're what's wrong with this world. If you want your life to get better, you're the only one who can fix you, so stop pretending that anyone else is more at fault than you. Don't blame God. Don't blame the Devil. Don't blame society or corporations or the government. If you want the world to get better, make it that way yourself and have enough faith in your convictions to convince other people to help you.

You have the power to improve the lives of the people around you. Every good action you take will make the world a better place because everything matters. You matter. We all are significant, regardless of our size, so let's start treating each other that way. Do better.


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The man who walks lightly

The man who walks lightly is the one living for Virtue.
He perceives the difficulty in his path, so he moves to his destination with ease.
He produces ten thousand things, but he owns very little.
He would rather yield a foot for what is right, than gain an inch by the wrong means.
He never takes offense, but defends swiftly and surely.
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I am.
May I mind the serenity of being.
Help me embrace the divinity of existence.
This thread of being weaves everything together with potential to create, change, and continue,
it's endless.I rejoice in awe.
May I more freely share it. 
Help me to remember that wonder is just a word.
There is nothing I can write to describe the feeling,
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May I have the strength to toe the line.
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That joy felt in honoring others brings honor to myself,
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Help me to accept my fears and my desires.
The unknown holds the greatest treasures,
it's waiting to be found.I empty myself.
May I be further filled.
Help me to grow as I overflow.
Thy will is more than I will ever know,
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