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A rant against Capitalist bargaining in the work place

The biggest flaw of a capitalist free market: the inequality of bargaining power between the wage-worker and the hierarchical corporation.

"I have shown the contractor, at the birth of industry, negotiating on equal terms with his comrades, who have since become his workmen. It is plain, in fact, that this original equality was bound to disappear through the advantageous position of the master and the dependent position of the wage-workers. In vain does the law assure the right of each to enterprise . . . When an establishment has had leisure to develop itself, enlarge its foundations, ballast itself with capital, and assure itself a body of patrons, what can a workman do against a power so superior?" -Proudhon

The modern day economy is a master-serf relationship as the worker must depend on his employer for every form of sustenance via his wage.

It is our state enforced conceptions of private property which support such an unequal market, and so to free ourselves, we must reconsider how to define property.

Think about what you think is ownable. As humans have advanced through time, we have seen it is not correct that a human should own another human, but we accept the same economic outcome resulting from the wage-worker's output being owned by the corporation which employs him.

We are exploited through our wages. There are those who profits are secured by using their ownership of economic resources to restrict our access to a truly free and cooperative market.

This is unacceptable. We must demand to be treated as equals. We can no longer accept unjust authority. We must end the stste-supported monopolies that own us through our debts. The system is rigged for the consolidation of wealth, as opposed to its distribution.

Let us shrug this economic system of eternal debt and ownership and replace it with one of cooperative production and services. It is us, the actual producers and service providers who create the wealth for one another, not those in the financial sector who keep score in a manner to perpetually benefit themselves.

We do not need authority beyond ourselves to live freely. Let's stop asking permission to live in a natural state, where our labor is a gift we can provide to a fellow man, not a commodity which he can own through our debts.


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