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My Moon

The nights when you were fullest and we basked in the blissful winter of our joyful youth are some of my fondest memories. When I would see you shimmer with happiness, I felt my heart do the same. After we met, when my nights were darkest, I only now realize you were still there, just beyond my sight.I've always loved you, from the moment I first set my eyes upon the glow of your face, I was drawn to you. The hours and hours I've shared my soul with you are among my most well spent time on this planet. At times my passion would elude me, chasing you shining in the night, so often disappointed when I would wake and know you were beyond my reach. I never understood why we couldn't spend each and every day together and I know I caused us both anguish in my confusion. I can't describe how perplexing it was to feel this love for you even as I've belonged to others. But no matter how far I pushed you away with my grasping, no matter how dark and lonely my nights were in …