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My Sun,
I have taken you for granted.
I wake to your glow every morning,
and have never been more content.
And yet I still daydream.
I perpetuate my doublethink.

I wax philosophical about harmony with other stars,
about us sharing in their light,
even though we both know they do not even wish to share with us.
I see their shimmering in the night and allow myself to wonder,
but it has never been more than fantasy.

I thought my fear of dusk had subsided.
I've grown accustomed to surviving the transitory dark,
because you've always returned in the dawn.
You've tanned me with your rays,
and showered me with your warmth.
Your embrace has been complete and I've had no reason to fear.

And yet I continue to return to this sea,
I rise and fall,
the thunder terrifies me.
I now look upon the stars and cannot escape my foolishness.
Their glimmer illuminates the sky,
we both admit to their beauty,
but the Moon reminds me of my folly.

The mere reflection of your light overwhelms any…